Flag Day

We had just received the list of possible locations our family would be posted to for two years. We were handed the list and immediately thought two things. First, “Are these really countries?”, and second, “How the heck do you say that?” We had no idea where any of them were (minus one: Mexico)! For two weeks, we researched, we anticipated, we questioned, we stressed… It felt like these two weeks took two months to pass.

Finally the day came.

DSC_0539It was Flag Day! The day we officially learn which of those un-pronounceable countries our family would be assigned to.

Not only did we dress for the occasion, but the family was so excited that the kids actually got along with each other for longer than 10 minutes!


Flag Day is a fun “ceremony” with friends and family, applause, and laughter abounding. Names are called one-by-one, and the flag of that person’s post country is displayed on a large screen as the entire room cheers in encouragement and excitement for that person’s new adventure in life. This was the flag displayed when my husband’s name was called.


It is the flag of Turkmenistan. A country the size of California that is situated just north of Iran. It was part of the former Soviet Union, and won it’s independence in 1991. It is home to the Karakum Desert and two mountain ranges — the Kopet Dag Range and the Great Balkhan Range, and is bordered by the Caspian Sea.


We can’t wait to start the next leg of our adventure in Turkmenistan!


2 thoughts on “Flag Day

  1. Mike Engelhardt says:

    Awesome! I am excited for you guys on your adventure. You got to keep us posted on your adventures, I will be tuning in. Great photos of all of you. Mike

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