Old Town Alexandria

My husband and I were granted a date night by the mighty gods of marriage! Where did we go for our first “grown up” excursion? The  jewel of a picturesque little town in the middle of a big city: Old Town Alexandria.


Not only is it lovely to look at, but it sounds great too… Street music abounds. You can hear everything from an elderly man playing “Edelweiss” on glasses, to a youth string quartet, to a one man blues band.


A walk along the waterfront will bring you face to face with Boats! Boats! Boats! — there are tons of them. You can catch a ride (and a meal) on the ornate ferry boats, or just wander the piers pretending that the beautiful yacht across the way is your pride and joy.


No small town is complete without it’s quirks. This one’s is unusual fire lanes. Please, do not park your car in the river. 😉


Locals are friendly, but beware of tourists: everyone — including my husband — is a shutterbug and a food critic. The food from Mai Thai was delicious, by the way!


Many of the shops close early — which is a saving grace for your wallet. But that doesn’t mean your night has to come to an early close too. You can still wander the pier with other night owls and enjoy Alexandria’s beautiful night-time views (and make a mental note that the next outing will be to the ferris wheel across the river).



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