Just Another Day

Today has been a productive day at my house.

It’s raining. The kids’ bus was 20 minutes late. And it’s “cold” — a whole 64°F (all my Utah friends are rolling their eyes and laughing at me right now). Normally, I would be in a pretty foul mood under these circumstances.

But today is different. Today I decided to be positive.

Today, despite the cold, wet, and late start, I have been able to read the news, attend an important meeting that I nearly forgot about (thank you Google Calendars for the reminder!), work on a new piece of Art, study Russian, admire the subtly-changing colors of a new Season, write a short blog post, and take a couple cell phone photos. And the day isn’t over yet.

Never mind the fact that my “To Do” list is about a mile long. “Productive” is a relative term.

My good friend taught me to “Celebrate the small victories”, and I intend to do just that.

So be happy today. Be productive. And celebrate. Because today is another good day.



3 thoughts on “Just Another Day

  1. You seem so much more diligent in your language study than I am in mine!

    That’s kind of amazing that the school bus would be so late. Does it wait for kids instead of just moving on if they aren’t at their stop?

    • The bus was delayed that morning due to a rain-caused traffic jam. All the parents were were joking that the bus forgot about our stop!

      As for language, I learn best when I learn constantly; so I try to study at least a little every day.

      • That makes sense. I’m always surprised how much of an impact rain has on the flow of traffic. I suppose it’s good to be cautious though. But it sure is annoying when you need to get somewhere! 🙂

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